We pride ourselves in that we are a family business; a modern mixed farm with a range of enterprises including the production of free range eggs on 70 acres of pasture. We have produced eggs for over 30 years so we have a long history of working with hens on range and we believe we know just what it takes to make them…… happy hens!

We also believe that we know how to produce the tastiest eggs! We have many customers, from Michelin Star chefs to our regulars who buy directly from our farm shop, who insist on buying Stokes Farm eggs.

We have always maintained that hens are more content in smaller groups, so we rotate 5 flocks and this gives us the egg sizes we need and continuity of supply. Each hen house has plenty of popholes which are opened first thing in the morning so the hens can get on with their busy day, you will notice they are always on the move, pecking and scratching in the grass.

Key to the health of our hens is a good diet. We work with our dedicated feed supplier, Humphrey Feeds, to devise unique feed rations that have helped our eggs gain an incredibly tasty reputation.

Hens lay an egg on most days and usually in the morning so our first egg collection begins after 8.00 am. Grading and packing follows, then…. eggs are ready for delivery and because our customers are supplied directly by our own drivers they are super fresh when they arrive at their destination.